Sh. Bader Al Zahrani featured in the Business Year 2014

With our dynamic portfolio of subsidiaries and various engagements in multiple sectors, we strongly believe that we are diversifying our business activities. As for the hydrocarbons sector, we are seriously assessing new joint ventures with leading oil-related market players in the region.

Human resources are key to our success, as our core business intensively depends on manpower. Talent, training, and the motivation of our employees will always continue to have a constructive impact on Zahran, and this is one of our ultimate objectives.

In the coming years, we are looking forward to maintaining our leadership in our core businesses and maximizing our revenues and market share with distinctive and satisfied experience for our clients. We are always finding new ways and opportunities to set our group apart by entering into new joint ventures in new sectors in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.

Playmakers Article – The Business Year website

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