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Bayti Labour Compound

Under the substantial development in Saudi Arabia followed by the recent growth in the industrial and real estate sectors, the need for labour accommodation has seen surge in the market with increased numbers of expatriate workers in the Kingdom.

Therefore, Zahran Real Estate Investment and Development Company established Bayti Labour Compound which is located on the South, East of Riyadh, in Mashael District (Al Sulai area).

The project consists of 5 main buildings with a total build-up area of 33,000 sqm, including 780 rooms with an average size of 24 meters per room, retail spaces, restaurant, mosque and clinic, as well as, buses parking.

Furthermore, the voluminous compound can occupy more than 6,000 laborers – a community of efficient manpower.

The project is under construction and expected to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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